Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Betty Bake - delicious gluten-free recipes

Today I stumbled upon the most fantastic foodie blog Betty Bake. Bernice bakes wonderful gluten-free goodies and posts the recipes up on her blog, along with pics she takes herself - some of the most awesome food styling pics I've seen. 

Here are some of her most popular recipes:

I'm in a very romantic mood today so I thought I'd share this. The photo below is a pic Bernice took of a road near her house. She manipulated the yield sign in Photoshop to form a heart. It's one of those things you're likely to find on We Heart It :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

indieBerries - Entertaining us Saffas all the way from Soko!

I am sure some of you already know a bit about indieBerries - the blog created by Che Kershaw, a Graphic & Communication Design graduate from Durban who has been teaching English in South Korea for 2 years. Her hilarious cartoons about her day-to-day life in "Soko" and other awesome random events always keep me entertained, not to mention her wonderful gift for designing and making cute cards and stationery. She definitely deserved to win the titles Best Blog Design and Best Personal Blog in the 2010 SA Blog Awards.

Che's favourite cartoon that she has drawn is the one on "Winter Sports"
The post that has received the most traffic to date is Che asking for a husband
Her favourite cartoon growing up was Animaniacs (no surprises there :)
You can read random facts and 50 quirky things about Che here
Do yourself a favour and check out her blog!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vintage Vixen featured in Rooted!

I had barely started promoting my blog on FB and Twitter when suddenly I see Anthea (from one of my favourite blogs - Embracing Style) mentioned VV to the awesome creator of Rooted - who wanted a few names of local online vintage shops. Thanks guys!

You can check the write-up here

Hello World!

This is the first post on my brand new blog. Please feel free to browse through the items and let me know via email if you are interested in any of them!

Below is a pic taken from my first shoot, using some Vintage Vixen's thrifted items. To see all the pics of the shoot, go here.