Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Overseas Trip Continued

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The magnificent Notre Dame cathedral. I don't have words to describe the feeling that came over me when I walked around inside.

The engravings are exquisite. To think that people were able to carve this in the 1200's!

Saint Jeanne D'Arc statue
(The feminist in me really digged this)

Not sure whether they should actually let us take photos when a ceremony is taking place...

One of the original cafes in Montparnasse, the bohemian part of Paris, where all the intellectuals hung out. Very popular in the "Roaring Twenties" when things were raucous and risque. 


The London Eye. This thing is HUGE and our version is nothing compared to it.

Our street in Earl's Court, London.

Our apartment. Notting Hill vibes!

Hyde Park

Freezing weather but lovely and lush!

Rent-A-Bicycle. The English are so damn civilised

Very rare old red bus in Kensington High Street

Good ol' English pub near to where I was staying

The closest I got to Westminster Abbey

St Paul's Cathedral from a distance

Going under the Tower Bridge. It doesn't look real, does it?

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
Do yourself a favour and go on a Thames boat trip (free when you do a bus tour of London). The guide we had was hilarious and definitely worth braving the cold.

The closest I got to Big Ben. And I'm OK with that.

Tower of London (actually a gigantic castle) in the middle of London. You won't regret visiting it.

Complete with a catapult. Apparently the lawn used to be a moat around the castle.

Quaint Victorian-style pub. Had my first pub lunch, and...

My first Guinness! An acquired taste I'd say, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was more than a little tipsy afterwards.

Even donned my "Underground" hoodie especially for this photo.

Overseas Trip Part 2

 Graffiti in Luxembourg, the Latin Quarter suburb in Paris

Still not sure what "Pub Gay Lussac" actually means.

Wonderful old apartment I walked past. It really does feel like you're in some kind of movie. All the cliches -  even men carrying baguettes under their arms...

Well why not?

View from the apartment I stayed in.

Oh, just a teenager hanging out in a funky hole in the wall.

Picture perfect. Two beautiful sisters I met.

Ornate front door of the apartment

Explored the Louvre!

The queue. But it was still worth it, believe me. (Only if you like museums and history though).

It's huge. This is only one section of it.

Just to see the scale of some of the things in the museum. EPIC.

And this is just the ceiling!

Mona Lisa - not worth it really. It's actually a miniscule painting and there will always be hordes of people in front of it.

European style

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dylan Louw shoot

Fellow Vega student and photographer, Dylan Louw, asked me to pose for him, wearing an outfit that represents my personal style. He plans to do a series of photos with young bloggers working in the fashion industry. This was taken in the parking lot next to my college. Great guy to work with! See his post here

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art of Gwendz

Just wanted to share some awesome stuff I stumbled upon, designed by a cool chick I know, Graphic Design student Gwendolene van der Merwe.