Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Overseas Trip Part 2

 Graffiti in Luxembourg, the Latin Quarter suburb in Paris

Still not sure what "Pub Gay Lussac" actually means.

Wonderful old apartment I walked past. It really does feel like you're in some kind of movie. All the cliches -  even men carrying baguettes under their arms...

Well why not?

View from the apartment I stayed in.

Oh, just a teenager hanging out in a funky hole in the wall.

Picture perfect. Two beautiful sisters I met.

Ornate front door of the apartment

Explored the Louvre!

The queue. But it was still worth it, believe me. (Only if you like museums and history though).

It's huge. This is only one section of it.

Just to see the scale of some of the things in the museum. EPIC.

And this is just the ceiling!

Mona Lisa - not worth it really. It's actually a miniscule painting and there will always be hordes of people in front of it.

European style

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