Saturday, September 17, 2011

Forever New (Thanks Melissa)

I was lucky enough to win this giveaway over at Melissa's blog. I rushed down to the Waterfront to see what they had "in store" for me ;) There is a fabulous sale on at the moment, where all sale items are reduced and the second sale item you buy is less 50%!

Beautiful packaging

These are my new earrings:

Luckily I've got pretty big earlobes...

I also got skinny black pants with rocking zip detail (a good staple to have in your closet) and skinny cargo pants. I must note that both pairs of pants will make anyone's butt look fabulous.
The sizing at FN is a little different to what we're used to down here, so don't be shocked if you only fit a size up from what you are normally.

If you want to check out their collections, visit the site here


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