Thursday, October 27, 2011

The best rock concert I've ever been to

WOW. That's all I can say for last night's concert. The sound was crystal clear. Caleb sounded exactly like he does on the albums. The lights & visual effects were completely insync with the music. One thing about those rockers, they really do put on a show!

view from the top at the start of the concert

I was quite disappointed with the turnout of the crowd. I suppose many people just couldn't make the postponed date, but I felt that we could have done better. I was unfortunately surrounded by a bunch of poppies and Camps Bay girls who were undoubtedly only there because their boyfriends love the band and because they heard "Sex on Fire" or "Use Somebody" on the radio. There were also utterly wasted college guys falling all over my friends and me and just generally being douches. This one chick got on her boyfriend's shoulders and the poor vertically challenged people behind me could see stuff-all! I thought that was so inconsiderate. Plus her ass was in everyone's face which was gross.

And boy, do I hate those people who push through the crowds. I am slightly forgiving to the ones who are genuinely sorry they are invading your space, but still. There was also this weird bubbly plastic sheeting that we had to stand on and I had to hobble on the way back, BUT, it was STILL worth it.


 I must admit that I also only really heard about KOL for the first time when I heard Sex on Fire, but then I listened to their previous stuff as well and bought Only By The Night. I enjoyed singing along to all of the songs and loved their setlist. I thought most of the people around me who weren't such hardcore KOL fans should have got seated tickets. I was there because I appreciated the band and wanted to rock out!!

I didn't really pay much attention the the opening bands - Shadowclub had basically finished playing when we arrived and I don't fancy the Black Hotels much. I was looking forward the Die Heuwels, but was disappointed as it seemed half of the band was missing?! Why was Philip Erasmus from Thieve on drums? The band just didn't sound the same. Special guest Jack Parow sounded like he had lost his voice.

It would have been really awesome if the band had communicated with us a bit. They said the usual "Are you having a good time?" "We're so happy to be here" etc but I think they took themselves a little too seriously. I loved hearing Caleb's Southern drawl though, it's adorable!

these photos don't do them justice AT ALL

The visual effects were UNBELIEVABLE. I have NEVER seen such awesomeness at a concert before. The images they showed went so well with the mood of each song, it was beautiful. I actually felt quite emotional, it was that good.

 I would definitely go to another KOL concert, and would love to see how they perform overseas. Caleb mentioned that they were planning to stay a bit longer, and I hope they get to see more of our beautiful city.

Oh yes, Alex Fourie from Foto Na Dans walked past me! I told my friends but they didn't know who I was talking about. I have a knack for knowing everything about bands - even bands I don't like. But I do like Foto Na Dans. I also met Melissa Allen from Miss Molly which was pretty cool!

Hordes of people leaving the stadium

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