Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You Me and Everyone We Know Night Market

On Friday last week I went to my first YMEWK market. The variety of clothes there was amazing and couldn't help but buy something. My friend and I found that just looking at the kinds of people there was enough entertainment for us!

Below are the items I bought:

 Awesome butterfly print dress from Wanted Vintage (all dresses were on sale for R100)

Beautiful Paisley jacket - don't know what the name of the stall was but the elderly lady told me she had originally made it for a friend and the material was from the Orient.
I paid R75 for it!

I was disgusted to find that some people were selling cheap Chinese clothes for insane prices. A dress that I had seen at the Muizenberg flea market for R80 was being sold for R350 at YMEWK. I don't think that should be tolerated, and the organisers should check what is sold.


  1. I agree that a bit of a quality check is a very good idea. Maybe mail the organisers with that suggestion?

  2. I think I should, it's crazy!


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