Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY jewellery holders

I have developed a slight obsession with collecting fruit containers as I saw some DIY potential in them. They are really nifty for keeping small items of jewellery or stationery.

Like this:

It's a plain old styrofoam container from Woolworths. I think it had nectarines in it.

I went hunting for hooks to hang my necklaces on and found a pack of plastic hooks with double-sided tape in China Town, Ottery. It was like R10. Effortless!

Le boyfriend made me this. He just glued Dominos to cardboard and incorporated a little drawer into the tray. 

I don't want to sound like an eco-freak (I really am not) but I just want to encourage people not to waste everyday packaging like this - that we actually pay money for.

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