Friday, November 15, 2013

I got sunshine in a bag

So I've decided to do a short-ish post on my absolute favourite feel-good songs. You know, those tracks that make you scrunch your eyes up, grin from ear to ear and sing along, with chills running up and down your spine? Yeah, well, these are my faves, and in no particular order.

New Radicals - You Get What You Give (1998)
This is what I listen to when I want to get really amped for something. That first line "Wake up kids, we've got the dreamer's disease" is the perfect lyric for a teen anthem!

Tears For Fears - Closest Thing To Heaven (2004)
I'm sure you'll recognise a familiar face in the music video. It makes it a little more poignant, I think. It's the chorus in this song that gets me, and I truly love anything with violins or cellos in it.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle (2011)
I think Bombay Bicycle Club is a severely underrated band. I got their 2011 album A Different Kind Of Fix from a friend last year (the first time I'd heard of them) and I loved every single song. This song has such a diverse arrangement of instruments and beats but it all comes together to form a little masterpiece. Lights Out, Words Gone is my second favourite track on the album.

The Zombies - Time of the Season (1967)
I've always loved the sexiness of this song but recently heard it play in the horror movie The Conjuring (this was way before anything scary happened in the movie) and couldn't help singing along to those cheeky lines "What's your name / Who's your daddy / Is he rich like me?" Also, my boyfriend couldn't wait to play me a new song by Eminem - he has covered the track. Listen here.

Foster The People - Call It What You Want (2011)
Foster The People's Torches album always brightens my mood. The lyrics aren't always as happy as the beats, but I've begun to realise how much I actually love synth and keyboards, and there's a lot of that in this song.

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (1996)
I used this song in a birthday playlist I made for my boyfriend, and when I listened to it, for the first time in a long time, I got a lovely little shiver. 

Stevie Wonder - Ma Cheri Amour (1969)
A soul classic! How could you not love a love song like this?! I feel all warm and fuzzy whenever I hear the beginning. La la la la la la...  

MGMT - Electric Feel (2007)
I think all my friends that really know me well know that I LOVE this song. It doesn't matter where I am - if it's playing, I will get up and dance. It's got so much soul for a band that produces music under the genre "psychedelic rock".

Franki Valli - Grease (1978)
I'm really not a fan of most musicals but there's no way I could say no to Grease. This is my favourite song in the movie and I feel like it totally sets the mood. I specially picked this video because I thought it was a great representation of what was going down in the 70s, that disco era!

Grouplove - Tongue Tied (2011)
I can't remember how I discovered this band but their music is so fun! I really dig this music video as well. Colours is a another gem.

Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl (1996)
I know Jay Kay is a total weirdo but I have always had a soft spot for him and his band. My mother had Travelling Without Moving and I used to play this song, as well as Virtual Insanity, over and over until she got sick of listening to it. Acid jazz - I'm so glad they coined this genre!

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (1997)
When I was younger, my parents used to take my younger sister and me on road trips through the country. They had a few mix tapes, and one of them had this song. Although the lyrics are a bit cynical (but true), I have a penchant for string instruments so this was right up my alley... :)

Robin Thicke - When I Get You Alone (2002)
I always laugh when I think about what Robin Thicke used to look like. At least his husky voice hasn't changed! 

So, that's it. There are more, but if I carry on I won't be able to stop...

Tell me, what are your favourite feel-good songs?

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